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Music2020 brings together students and music industry thought-leaders to discuss and present issues and opportunities related to creating a more egalitarian music industry.

berklee-logoMusic2020 returned to Berklee College to propose new solutions to issues facing the music business. View the presentations from “Disintermediation in the Music Industry, A “Do” Tank.”

Berklee College Student Presenters

Barbara GalajThe Winner of the $500 Music2020 Prize!Synchronize
Lysa Hetrick & Juan Carlos CardenasInvest in MusicVC Artist Fund

BrownU LogoMusic2020 hosted an event with Brown University students to fix issues in the music business. View the presentations from “Creating a Music Industry with More Winners and Less Losers, Making an Impact with Your Ideas.”

Brown University Student Presenters

Grant FongThe Winner of the $500 Music2020 Prize!Muso
Alan Garcia-RamosChange Music by ListeningChanging the Industry
Julia EliaMental Health and MusicSuicide Prevention for Musicians
Madeline Olson and Sam McKinneyMusicians Focused ManagementArtist-Centric Management

BU LogoMusic2020 hosted an event with Boston University students to “Accelerating Change in the Music Biz to Have More Winners and Less Losers, Roundtable Discussion with George Howard and Mark Kates.” View the highlights:

nel-logoMusic2020 hosted an event with New England Law Boston students to discuss current legal issues in the music business. View the presentations from “Cracking the Code of Key Legal Issues and Music Policy.”

New England School of Law, Boston Student Presenters

Briana Matuszko and Lauren Marie OlivaThe Apple Antitrust CaseAntitrust and Apple
John RuskUsing Music in PoliticsMusic and Politics
Jules DeanDifferences in Copyright WorldwideDomestic and International Copyright
Scott Young and Joshua BrooksDigital Audio Revenue StreamsDigital Audio Copyrights

northeastern-logoMusic2020 co-hosted Northeastern University for Think Tank 2020: The Role of the Fan – A Round-table for Students to Engage and Explore Fair Compensation for Musicians.

Northeastern University Student Presenters

Kristen GarciaThe Music Super-fanSuper Fans
Mack NortonThe Fan ExperienceImproving the Fan Experience
Paula CreaMusic ExclusivesStreaming Exclusives
Terrina KlejwaPracticality of a Music BlockchainBlockchain for Fan Engagement

berklee-logoMusic2020’s inaugural event featured Berklee students introducing revolutionary ideas to positively impact fans and artists, shaping a better music industry for tomorrow

Berklee Student Presenters

Jonathan BaronLength of CopyrightCan We Save The Public Domain?
Daniya MuratEmerging Music Business ModelsExpanding The Music Ecosystem
Alex OlsenPayment Distribution in MusicCrowdsourcing Digital Rights Management
Nick ErtmanRebirth of the Music StudioThe Dissent
Madeline MillerSafety and MusicAttention To Sound
Donny McGeeSmall Business' Music on the BlockchainLife By The Block

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