Beatie Wolfe

By March 30, 2016

Beatie Wolfe is a musician, social entrepreneur, and technology designer. She has been hailed as the definition of a 21st century artist with a truly classic sound. Believing the major label model to be outdated, Beatie continually breaks the mold. She is at the forefront of employing innovative strategies for both product creation and marketing.

The Interview

“The three things that inspire me are the importance of one’s intention, being of service, and keeping the parameters open to whatever inspires me.”

– Beatie Wolfe

Key Points

  • Beatie believes using technology differently leads to ingenuity in music/album releases, which can elevate interest in the next generation of music consumers.
  • Beatie is involved in projects that use music to heal. It has been proven to create bridges in memory for patients with memory loss, dementia, and Alzheimer’s.
  • Beatie’s advice to other artists? Believe in your muse and your ideas; there is only one you, so take pride in your creations.

Interview Transcription

"What I get impassioned by is using technology to reintroduce tangibility, ceremony, storytelling to music in the digital era."

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