Bruno Guez

By August 18, 2016

Bruno Guez – music industry veteran, musician, business owner, and entrepreneur – has an impressive resume and a bias to making forward-thinking ideals a reality. His most recent endeavor is the Revelator, a company focused on integrating sales, marketing, accounting and analytics into one unified system to provide unprecedented transparency, simplicity and efficiency for both independent artists and record labels.

The Interview

“My desire with Revelator is to create a connected world for digital media, assets, rights and data.”

– Bruno Guez

Key Points

  • The music industry will always be broken if there isn’t a more automated or efficient marketplace where all the endpoints are connected and the data is moving and flowing more freely.
  • In the next five to ten years there won’t be any more gatekeepers (radio, labels, digital service providers) as we move to a decentralized and distributed environment, where the artist will be able to connect directly with their fan-base and audience.
  • Revelator has created a scalable infrastructure for unlimited transactions – similar to PayPal, Visa, and the Bitcoin Blockchain – thus allowing real time data, real time transactions, and real time payments for artists.
  • To get to a place where there are no gatekeepers in the music industry, we need better mobile applications that not only manage audiences, but also market to them that keep them engaged.

Interview Transcription

I think part of my vision and my desire with Revelator is to really create a connected world for digital media, assets rights and databases...

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