Cortney Harding

By July 1, 2016

Cortney Harding is a leading writer and thinker in the music and technology space. She is the author of “How We Listen Now: Essays and Conversations About Music and Technology” and writes a weekly column at Cuepoint. She also co-hosts the Hypebot Music Business Podcast and recently launched a weekly newsletter. Cortney consults for a variety of music startups, specializing in business development and content strategy.

The Interview

“If you’re limiting yourself to just one market, you’re doing it wrong.”

– Cortney Harding

Key Points

  • Fans are content paying a monthly fee for access to streaming services’ catalogs. At this point in time, the movement for higher musician/music payment will not come from the fans.
  • If the music industry changes the debate, explaining that music is a livelihood and not a hobby, artists may have more success in convincing people to pay more for music.
  • With current technology, artists can set the price for their own goods, using direct to fan platforms and the bitcoin blockchain.
  • In the current day musical landscape, artists need to be more creative than ever; not only with their music, but with how they market themselves and their art. Fortunately, technology, networking, and new business models are available to help them evolve and progress.

Interview Transcription

“There’s this big thing in Brazil right now where GE has got all theses drones flying around preparing people for the Olympics. And they worked with all these Brazilian artists who soundtracked each of these an artist, you can’t put yourself in a little box.”

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