David Andrew Wiebe

By October 26, 2016

David Andrew Wiebe is the founder of The Music Entrepreneur website and author of the book The New Music Industry: Adapting, Growing, and Thriving in The Information Age. As a career musician, both performing and producing, David has unique insight into what personal qualities and which technology makes today’s musician succeed.

The Interview

“Technology does not create opportunity, people do.”

– David Andrew Wiebe

Key Points

  • Until we can get an easier way to describe blockchain technology in common language, it will remain an enigma, simply because of its complexity.
  • The blockchain does have the potential to cut out intermediaries; labels, tech companies, and others, who are taking a bigger cut of the pie of a musicians pay scale.
  • There is massive potential for musicians monetizing their work through micro-transactional system, where artists keep a bigger percentage of what they make, and fans are rewarded in unexpected and delightful ways.
  • We are in a unique time, where musicians now have the opportunity to make money from not only their craft, but also all of their artistic endeavors via the internet.

Interview Transcription

"We have the opportunity now, to take this technology and actually make the music industry better. I'm just as cautious as I am optimistic about that."

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