Dick Huey

By January 16, 2017

Dick Huey founded Toolshed in 2001, a NYC-based digital strategy and music rights licensing service for consumer brands, media, tech, sports, and entertainment companies. Toolshed has orchestrated digital campaigns for several hundred critically acclaimed artists and labels, including Arcade Fire, Sufjan Stevens, the Indigo Girls, Matador Records, Touch and Go, Righteous Babe, Merge Records, and many others. Toolshed has also provided digital licensing and consulting services to Spotify, Red Bull Music Radio, Red Mountain Resort, Jaxsta, and many others. As the interim Executive Director of the Future of Music Coalition, Huey has a unique perspective on the artist’s journey that he shares in this eye-opening interview.

The Interview

“I think what we should be doing is focusing on the person at the end of this chain, who is the artist.”

– Dick Huey

Key Points

  • In efforts to expand digital liner notes, Dick Huey is working with Jaxsta, showing that it takes a village to make a record. This project will help show musical connections online linking the musicians, producers, and artists that are relatively uncatalogued and invisible in the streaming world currently.
  • Dick Huey would like to see more development of niche artists; gaining traction through better personalization of outreach, by utilizing tools that have been overlooked.
  • The Future of Music Coalition will continue to educate artists about the new economy and how they can be a part of it, educate lawmakers on what is important to the musician and why, as well as focus even more broadly on local initiatives at the city level.
  • It is imperative that the music industry focuses on creating tools and new technology that empower artists and musicians in a way that doesn’t disadvantage any part of the community. The independent and well-known artist should have equal access to the tools and payout processes needed to make a decent living while creating their art.

Interview Transcription

"It is not that streaming is the problem, but it is upon on all of us, to look at not how a collection of artists under a label is doing, but how can an individual artist do well in the streaming economy..."

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