Emily White

By August 18, 2016

Emily White is the co-founder of Whitesmith Entertainment & Dreamfuel. A deeply respected thought leader throughout the music & entertainment industries, White proudly serves on the boards of CASH Music, Future of Music as well as The Grammys’ Education committee, David Lynch Foundation and Pandora’s Advisory councils. Fun fact: Emily was a student in George Howard’s first ever music industry class, 15 years ago.

The Interview

“Communicate with the audience as directly as possible, as often as possible.”

– Emily White

Key Points

  • Years ago artists needed labels to pay for the recording studio cost and for access to distribution. Not so, today. Artists can maintain ownership rights and control of all aspects of music with digital recording and current technology. This allows the artist to keep more of their revenue to make a livable income.
  • Social media works to maintain a connection between the fan and the artist. The artist’s team should make sure information is disseminated to the fans. When the artist’s voice comes through from his/her own posts, it is even more powerful.
  • Marketing and promotion is important, but artists shouldn’t discount building their email lists. It may sound outdated, but emailing fans directly is the most efficient and direct way to communicate with the audience.
  • Emily has proposed a fair and transparent streaming model where the rights holders vote on the price point, the income from streaming is divided equally, and the rights holders control the individual downloads and can also set that price point. She has put this idea out there hoping developers will pick up the ball and create something artists can use.

Interview Transcription

“So now that artists can own and control their recording rights, that's really, really exciting. In addition to, of course, merchandising, touring, songwriting and all the other revenue streams that can go into being an artist.”

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