George Howard Presentation

By March 10, 2016

George Howard has spent his life helping artists create sustainable music careers. His music experience is extensive; spanning business law, entrepreneurial ventures, artist management, writing, and education. His expertise in blockchain technology has helped shape Music2020’s vision. In this talk, George shares five key elements that are changing the music industry today and will fundamentally revolutionize it for the future.

The Interview

I believe with all my heart that more music equals less war.”

– George Howard

Key Points

  • Disintermediation, the elimination of an intermediary party (namely labels) is changing the way artists and their fans relate.
  • Transparency, better insight into how artists get paid, is creating a more ethical and trustworthy industry.
  • Vendor Relationship Management (VRM) is now driving the music market, putting the customer in the power position to be able to dictate what type of music or product they want.
  • The Internet of Things and Structured Data now allows the public to interact with technology in a new and delightful way.
  • Wide and Deep Integration of Music will continue affect how we heal, think, interact, and live.

Interview Transcription

At its core, we at Music2020 believe that a combination of disintermediation, transparency, and technological advances will all begin to combine to result in a flowering of the music industry.

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