Kiran Gandhi

By March 3, 2016

Kiran Gandhi is a musician, feminist activist, and mathematician. Touring, creating electronic music, consulting for technology companies, and, most recently, giving a Ted Talk keeps her skills razor sharp. Her goal is to combine her intellectual and musical talents to reimagine a music industry that is healthier for women and girls around the world. Her perspective is eye opening. Take a look.

The Interview

“What would a world look like in which (musical) value is something the artist can be responsible for?

– Kiran Gandhi

Key Points

  • Labels are “latching on” to artists that have already figured out the winning formula, not helping to develop them.
  • Kiran envisions a world where a new type of business entity would help interpret social media and music feedback to help direct the artist professionally.
  • Kiran’s focus is being the best musician and producer she can be.
  • Kiran’s advice to starting artists? Continue working on your sound and skills to make your artistry innovative and unique to you.

Interview Transcription

If I were to start a record label, it wouldn’t be a traditional record label. It would be [one that] knows how to interpret digital data very intelligently, and then can guide the artist based on that data.

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