Mark Kates

By April 20, 2017

Mark Kates, founder of Fenway Recordings, has worked with some of the musical greats, including Sonic Youth and Nirvana. Today, his roster includes MGMT, The Cribs, and many more. His influence on the music industry, both locally and worldwide, cannot be overstated, having broken the alternative music scene back in the early 90’s. In this interview with Music2020’s George Howard, Mark discusses online streaming and it’s ramifications on the current day music industry. Mark reminds us that we are in the middle of major industry transformations. Take a look.

The Interview

“If you are setup to exist as your own record label, I think marketing is still something that has to exist at some level.”

– Mark Kates

Key Points

  • Today, streaming services seem to be the path to current music revenue and success, as labels are still relevant but not as necessary as they once were
  • Success as an artist is not guaranteed because of new technology available. Talent, hard work, and a little bit of luck are still the magic ingredients.
  • The music industry is in the middle of a transformation. Current day producers and executives have a different mindset than those of years past, and the likelihood of the “big label” structure taking hold again is minimal.
  • “We’re in a period where the biggest artist puts something out, and if they do it right, they break every record that’s been set.”
  • The dust still hasn’t settled in the music industry, and it may not anytime soon.

Interview Transcription

"I get to talk to Mark Kates, which is always one of my favorite things to do. He is a brilliant manager and record executive and was kind enough to join us..."

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