Mike Ellison

By June 3, 2016

Mike Ellison is a multi-faceted entertainer who has released independent albums, headlined national concert and community outreach tours, and registered acting credits that span film, theater and television. He’s partnered with major and grassroots non-profit organizations, as well as notable corporate sponsors to produce cultural community concerts and social productions to raise cancer awareness, teach African-American history, and combat bullying and teen suicide.

The Interview

“I’m motivated by purpose and environment..”

– Mike Ellison

Key Points

  • Mike Ellison’s life work has been using music and performing arts to create conscious art, educate youth, and make the world a better place.
  • Artists shouldn’t have to fill their music with genocidal content in order to be pushed or promoted by labels and publishers.
  • Artists are not guaranteed success regardless of talent, but they should be given fair and equitable treatment.
  • Music has the ability to make a huge societal impact. People with wealth, relationships, resources, and platforms say they want to improve the world and educate youth. They also say they want young girls, particularly African American girls, to feel good about themselves and embrace their beauty. This requires a change in what music is currently being promoted.

Interview Transcription

I think that people with resources and relationships can do better by bringing artists who do public good to the forefront. If they really wanted to see a change in youth behavior in our cities, they'd play Reggae music.

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