Scott Kirby

By March 4, 2016

Scott Kirby, founder of Music2020, is passionate about creating fundamental change in the music industry. He sees Music2020 as the conduit to spark conversation between artists, fans, technologists, and labels. His goal is to advance the music industry through technology; resulting in a transparent marketplace, and ultimately, equitable artist compensation. Here, he speaks with George Howard about what type of music-industry landscape he envisions by the year 2020.

The Interview

“We think artists should have the choice to sign a deal with whomever they want. In other words, we want the Netflix model to work in the music industry.”

– Scott Kirby

Key Points

  • We need to create a more sustainable ecosystem in the music industry that has more winners than losers.
  • Music2020 believes the music industry can flourish despite the dinosaur-era laws written in the 1950’s (Payola Laws) through technology and the internet.
  • Musicians and fans need to step up their game to create a *new* paradigm that allows for transparent and independent music exchange where all parties benefit.

Interview Transcription

"I don’t think the record industry ever got in the information age. I think the record industry, to a large degree, is still in the industrial age." 

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