Beatie Wolfe Classroom Discussion Topics

By April 9, 2016 Lesson Plans, Resources
  1. Sphere of influence in your art
    1. How will your project appeal to a wider audience? Does it affect your community or the world?
    2. What are different mediums of art or different partnerships that could expand the project to be greater than you originally imagined?
  2. Finding the humanity in your art
    1. Does your music convey a complete moment, lesson, emotion?
    2. How does this song convey something to the listener? Could you change it to evoke a stronger feeling and connection?
    3. How can you create a way to make the listener stop what they are doing and appreciate the music?
  3. Technology leading towards a “healthy” music industry
    1. What are some innovative ways artists have released albums?
    2. Using a new platform of technology (app, device, etc.), what are some potential new ways to release music in the future?
    3. Is the use of new technology more beneficial to having the artist’s music heard, or distracting to listeners?
  4. The Record Label Model
    1. In terms of artistic voice and integrity, what ways is a label constrictive?
    2. Can there be a model for labels to be successful while still allowing artists to say whatever they like?
  5. “The eye of the farmer fattens the pig”
    1. Are you more likely to work hard on a project you have love for or a project that is time sensitive and important, but you have little interest in?
    2. How could you invest more hours into a project you are currently working on?
    3. Do you invest more time into projects of passion or projects of necessity?
  6. “Sound the most you, that you can sound”:
    1. What is your unique perspective? How have your background, culture, future plans shaped your perspective and the way you approach your art?
    2. How could you further cultivate your unique perspective in the arts?
  7. Music is at the heart of everything:
    1. When artists look at advancing their career, what are good ways to keep music at the core of their career?
    2. Are there specific songs that are outside of your typical genre that you’ve found yourself having a connection with?
  8. Music blending with other mediums of art can create new marketing strategies:
    1. What other mediums of art have been paired along with music you’ve experienced?
    2. What other ways can you think of pairing two separate art mediums in a way that forces the consumer to pause in order to simply experience it?
  9. The Jacket:
    1. What does Beatie’s experience making the jacket say about how far music can reach?
    2. Have you ever allowed your thoughts to shrink, rather than expand around an idea you have no idea how to create? Explain.
  10. Music as therapy:
    1. Please click the link to watch a video where music is used as therapy for a patient with dementia: Therapy for Dementia. Do you have any rational explanation for this?
    2. What other ideas can you think of to connect people to music in a meaningful and helpful way?
  11. Words of Wisdom:
    1. Discuss a time you created from your highest place of integrity. What did that feel like?
    2. Think of a time you had the opposite experience, and describe the difference.
    3. Is it difficult to take pride in your own ideas? Explain.
  12. Apprenticeship:
    1. Explain what hard work means to you.
    2. How can you justify what you are doing with art, not only to others, but also, to yourself?
  13. Music for Generations
    1. How can you create music that stays relevant? Is this a possibility?
  14. Next generation:
    1. What is the most important gift you can give to the next generation and why?