Benji Rogers Classroom Discussion Topics

By April 28, 2016 Lesson Plans
  1. “The majority of art is better than the technology on which it rides today.”
    1. Do you agree?
    2. Besides blockchain, what could be done to bring technology to a level of parity with the art it services?
  2. Benji believes streaming has been a failure.
    1. How could companies like Spotify and Apple Music make their platforms more appealing to potential listeners, and move the platform to a better monetization model?
    2. What would the pricing, and payout structure of that model look like?
  3. Pledge gives the artist the ability to export data to utilize it on their own or with another platform.
    1. Why haven’t more platforms followed this business model?
    2. What stops the artist from leaving Pledge once they’ve exported the data?
  4. Intermediaries seem to be embracing emerging technologies such as Blockchain and new means of consumption.
    1. What value can intermediaries gain by working to guide the development of these technologies? What features would you see them benefiting most from incorporating into emerging tech?
    2. What features would you like to see introduced into Blockchain, VR, AR, or any other new platform?
  5. Benji Rogers’ says “artists need to understand when they are making things they’re interesting. When they’re selling them, less so.”
    1. Outside of Pledge and live music or recorded performances, how can artists make their creative process more accessible to fans?
    2. Many artists find it difficult to create in an environment that is not private. What could they do to still take advantage of the most interesting part of their work?
  6. An ecosystem that is owned by nobody and controlled by everybody
    1. Does this concept seem too idealistic?
    2. What market forces would work to make this a reality? What market forces would work to stop, or slow it?