George Howard Classroom Discussion Topics

By April 9, 2016 Lesson Plans
  1. Disintermediation
    1. Recording
      1. What are some intermediaries that interrupt the process from original song to mastered recording?
      2. What are new ways that DIY musicians are able to sidestep these intermediaries?
      3. What benefits does this offer someone? What drawbacks?
    2. Distribution
      1. What resources are available to independent artists trying to distribute their album?
      2. Can you think of specific artists who have released their music in creative ways?
    3. Promotion
      1. The online world of marketing has opened a plethora of venues for independent artist promotional techniques. Name a few.
      2. With the variety of promotional methods, is it difficult to choose a strategy? Artists need to be tech savvy in today’s digital age. How could the intermediaries aid the process in a beneficial way?
    4. BlockChain Technology
      1. BlockChain continues to be discussed and positioned to play a part in creating the new face of the music industry.
      2. How quickly can you see the blockchain being incorporated on a wide scale?
      3. What is hindering progress toward Smart Contracts and a more open, transparent marketplace?
      4. What opportunities and threats does BlockChain technology present to the music industry, particularly to independent artists and entrepreneurs?
  2. Transparency
    1. What area’s in the industry would benefit from having transparent transactions?
    2. Do companies with transparent models hold a competitive advantage in the music industry or are they drowned out by large non-transparent companies?
    3. If you were an unsigned artist, would you rather shop your music to new transparent companies or more established but less transparent companies?
  3. VRM – Vendor Relationship Management
    1. Who in the music industry (intermediary roles) define what the mass consumer base desire?
    2. Think of some artists who were not chosen by labels to rise to the top of the charts. How would you change the business model to make record labels more perceptive to finding artists who the consumers desire?
    3. What is the old/existing model for Blanket Licenses? What would a new model look like?
  4. Structured Data
    1. How many devices do you own that collect data on you for every moment of every day?
    2. In a society where data is being collected so copiously, how can the music  industry take advantage of data accrued from fans?
    3. What tech advancements or movements can you think of that were lead by music technology or consumption?
  5. Wide and Deep Integration of Music
    1. How has technology helped you find new music?
    2. Using biometrics (heart rate, motion, sweat levels, etc.) and behavioral data (what artists you search for, what you curate on playlists,etc.), how will the music industry evolve around the listener? Think of big picture, or “science fiction futuristic” scenarios.