Kiran Gandhi Classroom Discussion Topics

By April 5, 2016 Lesson Plans, Resources
  1. How important is an intermediary in today’s record industry?
    1. What types of music intermediaries are relevant to today’s industry?
    2. Which is better to have, strong work ethic or talent?
    3. What is the ultimate value to having an intermediary vs. being completely independent in today’s industry?
  2. Minorities in the Arts
    1. Does being a part of a minority help your art thrive due to oppression?
    2. Do minorities have more of a freedom to do something unique?
    3. What impact does the white consumer have on the cultural appropriation of art with roots in minorities?
    4. Make Art, Not War!
      1. Do minorities go from oppressed to appropriated due to their art?
  3. Scales of Success
    1. What is the typical scale of for an academic based career (i.e. doctor, lawyer)?
    2. How does this career scale compare to that of an artist’s?
  4. Conversion from Social Media Hype to Artist Success
    1. At what point is an artist considered successful on Facebook, Soundcloud, YouTube, etc.?
    2. If an artist is considered successful on this media outlet, does this make them a success in the music industry?
    3. How do new social apps, such as Vine, Accapella, and other apps that expose new voices to the population, play into an artist’s career?
  5. Artist with a capital “A”
    1. Does being a multitalented person, with interests outside the realm of their music, create a more interesting artist, or a more distracted one?
    2. Is it more important to put your music first or to stay focused on the business?
    3. What setbacks can being a multitalented person bring to your artistry?
  6. Mentorship
    1. Does a label play more of a mentor role to artists in today’s industry?
    2. Is it important for artists to be advised under a mentor? Why?
    3. What benefits could a mentor give to an artist, whether new or well into their career?
  7. The Lack of Constructive Feedback for Artists
    1. When consumers are introduced to new music, is the reaction simply polar (either love or hate) or are there multiple reactions to different aspects of the song?
    2. If mixed reactions, why aren’t these reactions relayed back to the artist?
    3. If giving artists specific constructive criticism is helpful, what kind of industry model could be in place to support this?